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More than a Certified Life Coach

Coach Paula is Certified Life and Health Coach, and Leader. But more than that she is a collaborator, challenging and motivating women to find the healthiest, best versions of themselves. She works with clients in groups by leading challenges and boot camps on nutrition and fitness, and she also helps those who need one on one guidance with food and health issues.

Coach Paula helps people solve the problem of chronic health conditions that cannot be fixed with a traditional doctor such as food sensitivity testing for those with auto-immune, diabetes, non-genetic cancers, etc. She understands that people living with these conditions are tired, frustrated, scared and overwhelmed, and that most doctors do not take the time, or even understand on how to solve these problems.

Thank you Coach Paula

…for helping me and my daughter (who has ADHD). You showed me that I need to work on me too but your style was very gentle and supportive. One thing that I have started changing is our eating habits. I have STOPPED drinking cokes. YAY!! I have also set small goals working toward the big goals for myself. You encouraged me. It’s interesting how a stranger can encourage you and move you through fire while your family is holding the coals.

– Shannon B., Houston, TX

Work with Coach Paula

Group Coaching

Group coaching is a supportive and challenging learning environment which provides a powerful experience for clients, often creating long-term relationships and working partnerships.

One-on-One Coaching

With one-on-one coaching, we can focus on personal success-oriented goals pertaining to the health of you or your family. This is an interactive and creative program built to provide you lasting change. 

Products & Services

Through years of research, personal experience and coaching, Paula has developed relationships with health product makers that improve the lives of those with auto-immune diseases. Learn more.

Invite Paula to Your Event

Paula loves to speak to groups all over the country about health and wellness. From meal planning, to balancing life with motherhood, Paula’s energetic style and hope-filled story will entertain and educate your audience.

Below are her most requested topics. Contact Paula for more information.

From Rock Bottom to a PheMOMenal Woman

In this interactive talk you will discover what makes YOU a PheMOMenal woman of God. Using the 5 core concepts of healthy living; physical, emotional, educational, and spiritual, you will receive tips, how-to’s and a guide to get you started on your journey to Be PheMOMenal!!

Balancing Motherhood and a Life of Your Own

In this fun, interactive talk, Coach Paula tells stories of mishap, silly scenarios and REAL life as a Mom-preneuer, volunteer and wife. You’ll discuss ways to find joy and happiness amongst the chaos of life and how to make it through mommy hood without pulling your hair out. Leave with an action plan incorporating a healthy balance of what you can do to have the life you have always wanted physically, emotionally, educationally and spiritually.

Be You~ Bravely; Finding the Courage to Heal

In this talk Paula shares her “Rock Bottom” story as a contributing author in the Amazon Best Selling Book “Rock Bottom is a Beautiful Place; Testimonies of Triumph”. Paula will share her heartfelt story of finding the courage to heal from debilitating health issues as a mom with two preschoolers. This God given journey is one of hope, healing and encouragement that just may be one you can relate to as a mom.


Meal Planning and Prep for the Busy Family

 We often need a ‘reason’ to take the time to meal plan and prep, but when we do, our lives go so much more smoothly! In this interactive talk Paula will provide resources and tips to stay on top of the chaos of mom-life, so come prepared to laugh, plan and create an ideal week, and the How-To’s of finding balance.

Contact Paula

Get in touch with Paula to start your journey to a healthier life today. If you are inquiring about a speaking engagement or podcast interview, please use this contact form. Thanks!

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