Becoming a Phenomenal Mom: 5 Steps to a Healthier Life

You may have seen me through my weekly transformational tips on social media, or maybe you saw me at a seminar for moms teaching ways to live a healthier life. The image I portray as a confident, capable woman who has her act together, while true today, was not always the case. You never would have guessed the growth I have gone through to become a leader of positive change for women! On my journey, I became a super sleuth studying, learning, growing, and overcoming. I discovered a magical recipe to address Emotional Health, Physical Health, Educational Health, Financial Health, and Spiritual Health. These 5 Foundations of Health are now within your grasp. Let’s take a look within and find what’s standing between you and a better life. Are you ready? I am confident that together, we can address your growth areas and help guide you to become the phenomenal woman you are destined to be.

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