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As a former elementary teacher, Paula knew the importance of kids learning abilities directly correlated with proper nutrition, exercise, and sleep but she began having health issues of her own which lead her on a journey to complete wellness after a lifelong struggle with debilitating migraine headaches, joint pain that kept her up at night, and IBS. Paula like many other people has food allergies and sensitivities. When she discovered these issues, her world changed forever and she left traditional classroom teaching and has been coaching and teaching health ever since.

Paula is a Certified Holistic Health Coach for families struggling with health-related issues. She works with parents to make healthier food choices or lose weight naturally and uses tools to manage symptoms in kids like ADHD, picky eaters, food sensitivities and more. Working systematically, the body can heal itself from the inside out cleaning up the gut microbiome, and she works with clients to do just that by incorporating the right foods, movement and proper supplementation.

She is currently coaching and speaking to families about nutrition and parenting, and how the two work together for overall wellness.

Whether it is getting kids off of processed junk foods, helping moms shed a few pounds or using tools to help control mood, behavior or other issues, Paula can help your family be the very best it can be- which makes everyone happier, especially mama!


"It has been a struggle...

… but with much prayer and coaching I have learned how to feel more at peace and in control of what is going on in my home. Paula gave great tips on how to deal with each situation. She helped me break things down and helped me feel more in control. It was also nice knowing I could e-mail her and update her on how a situation went so that I could either improve or get a “hey great job” on that one. I have noticed a quality of life change in our family because we feel more empowered. We don’t feel like victims anymore living with someone who is out of control in the house or someone who is so sick and we can’t help her. In turn we have become calmer and this in turn has made my daughter who gets out of control, calmer and we have fewer outbursts.

Thanks Coach Paula! You rock!”

– Stoner, Ft. Wayne IN

"I am a mother of 4 great kids...

… who are 12,10,7, and 5. I home school my children and although it is rewarding it can also be a challenge.  Talking with Paula gives me a sense of peace as she brings practical, helpful ideas for implementing into both our school and home lives. I have learned how to be healthier, more organized, how to get the children to help with household chores and how the proper guidelines make my children feel secure, safe and happy. When our home and school run more smoothly I am a much happier mom and that is important for my kids and husband!

When I talk with Paula it is like she understands me. She takes the time to listen to what I have to say, and that makes me feel good. As a mom you don’t always feel like someone listens to you and Paula does. To me that feeling is priceless!”

– Jennifer W., Wareham, MA

"Thank you Coach Paula...

… for helping me and my daughter (who has ADHD). You showed me that I need to work on me too but your style was very gentle and supportive. One thing that I have started changing is our eating habits. I have STOPPED drinking cokes. YAY!!  I have also set small goals working toward the big goals for myself. You encouraged me. It’s interesting how a stranger can encourage you and move you through fire while your family is holding the coals.  THANKS again!!!”

Shannon B., Houston, TX

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